What She’s Thinking: men’s dating & sex questions answered by women

1: Hello & What this podcast is about (trailer)

Hello! I'm Greg Schwartz, thanks for listening to this podcast. On each episode I ask a group of women questions submitted by men like you. Questions on dating, sex, whatever you’d like to know. 

To submit your questions, go to makeonlinedatingfun.com/questions

The next episodes are a two-part episodes with women answering your questions about dating. We cover many questions, including:
- If you don't respond the first time I send a message, should I send another?
- Why do women so often write a short response?
- What's a good first date activity?

That’s followed by a two-part episode with women answering your questions about sex, including:
- What are your biggest turn-ons during sex?
- How long is your ideal sex session? 
- Where is your favorite place to be touched for foreplay, and how do you like to be touched there?

So download the other episodes, you’ll be blown away by their honesty!

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