What She’s Thinking: men’s dating & sex questions answered by women

Who pays on 1st date, favorite foreplay spots, how to ask if she likes what you’re doing during sex, attractive parts of men’s bodies, things she appreciates when you do

March 20, 2019

R (36), S (27), and G (26) finish answering your questions about dating and sex.

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This episode covers:

- Where is your favorite place to be touched for foreplay? How do you like to be touched there?

- How do you like to be asked during sex what you like and want (direct, not asking at all and intuitively feeling it out, etc...)

- How does it feel as a woman when you want sex more than your partner does, and you can’t use that asymmetry to exercise power over him?

- Who pays on the first date, what do you prefer?

- What do you find attractive about men’s bodies?

- I love it when my partner squeezes her kegels while we're having sex. Is that something you can do? Do you enjoy it?

- Beyond the first time you have sex, how do you like your boyfriend to tell you he wants to, and is excited to, have sex with you that night?

- Any last things you really appreciate when guys do?

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