What She’s Thinking: men’s dating & sex questions answered by women

Top 2 love languages, what does “gifts” really mean, should I send a 2nd message, “good” aggressiveness vs scary, how a man can tell her sex drive

April 12, 2019

A (27), J (27), Lauren (37) answer your questions about dating and sex.

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This episode covers:

- Outside of online dating, what are the best venues to meet potential partners?

- What are your top 2 languages of love?

- Guys tend to think gifts [in the Languages of Love] means diamond rings and crazy expensive items. What are some of the gifts that you really appreciated, and why?

- How can we tell if she's not interested in us?

- After we match, if you follow me on Instagram, what's the next step? Do we talk there, or on the dating app?

- After we match, if you don't respond the first time I send a message, should I send another?

- What's the best way to get consent? Explicit and direct, or a bit more nuanced? Tell us how you tell us yes.

- What's a way you like for a man to create connection on a date?

- What kind of aggressiveness do you like in a man, and what kind is scary?

- How can a man tell if a woman has a high or low sex drive?

- Things you appreciate that men do

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