What She’s Thinking: men’s dating & sex questions answered by women

No kiss by the 2nd date=move on, best activity for 1st date, does work stress affect your libido, and more!

April 4, 2019

A (27), J (27), Lauren (37) answer your questions about dating and sex.

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This episode covers:

- Do you expect anything different from matches high end of your age range vs the average or low end?

- What are the Pros/Cons of Online Dating sites (PoF, OkCupid) vs Apps (e.g. Tinder)?

- How do you think men and women experience online dating differently? 

- If you could choose any activity for your next first date, what would it be and why?

- Do you care how much the guy makes? What if he makes less than you, does that make him less attractive?

- If you're 2 dates in and there's still no kiss, would you move on?

- Is there an etiquette for when I'm too busy one month, and want to get in touch with an old match to try again?

How does your career/work affect your libido / sex life?

- Please rate your sex drive compared to the average woman’s.

- How long is your ideal sex session (the in and out portion, not the foreplay)? what is the minimum amount of time that is satisfactory? conversely, how much time before it’s too long?

- What are your biggest turn-ons before sex?

- What are your biggest turn-ons during sex?

- Which question do you prefer: may I do this, can we do this, or what would you like?

- What's your favorite way to have your clitoris touched?

Get your questions answered: debugdating.com/questions


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