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More Coronavirus Dating with S and D: do you want sex more or less during the pandemic, types of video dates

April 25, 2020

Once COVID-19 hit, I knew I wanted to restart this podcast. Like many of my friends, I'm sure you're wondering how to date right now. So pardon the lower quality audio of my guests!

How can we date during the Coronavirus (aka COVID-19)? S and D answer your questions about how they're dating during this era of pandemic (part 2)

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This episode covers:

- Do you want sex more or less as a result of the current situation?

- What are the types of video dates? e.g. normally we have coffee dates, dinner dates, hiking dates, etc

- What are your expectations for a video date?

- Are you thinking about breaking quarantine to meet in person and be intimate?

- If a man suggested breaking quarantine to be intimate, how would you react? Or, what would you want to have happened, to be comfortable with that?

- If you're having sex, has anything changed about it?

- What do you look for on someone's instagram? What stands out? What's meh?

- What are your top 2 languages of love?

- How have you evolved in your dating preferences from 20 to 30?

- How would you rate your sex drive, compared to the average woman’s?



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