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Building a dating app update: depression sucks

December 24, 2020

It's been a while since I released an episode -- because I'm building a dating app! It's specifically for finding Long Term Relationships. Tentatively calling it Bubble Dating -- changed the name to CoupleUp!  


Here's what I talk about:

  • It's been nearly three weeks, because I've been struggling with my depression

    • Still nervous about discussing depression and challenges of building publicly
    • Friends have said that my discussing it openly helped them
    • And openness and compassion is what I want in the dating community I’m building
  • Challenge 1: Apple rejected all my TestFlight builds for bugs, and then Monday's build as “dating app spam”
    • I got really angry and depressed
    • My counselor helped by encouraging me to privately tantrum out anger and sadness
    • Found out Apple says "App Store has enough fart, burp, flashlight, fortune telling, dating, and Kama Sutra apps, etc. already. We will reject these apps unless they provide a unique, high-quality experience."
    • And that apps “submitted for beta distribution via TestFlight should be intended for public distribution”
    • Oops. I've only built individual features to test!
    • Still, it seems stupid to only allow testing a full fledged app.
  • Entered a 30 second pitching competition and took 2nd place!
  • Challenge 2: taking critique very personally :(
    • Apple's rejections, obviously
    • Other people I pitch the idea to
  • Taking the rest of Christmas Eve off, as well as Christmas Day
    • If you celebrate it, have a Merry Christmas 🎄🎅
    • Have a happy New Year’s Eve! 🎆🎊🎇
  • More updates, and app progress, coming in 2021!


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