What She’s Thinking: men’s dating & sex questions answered by women

Best way to get consent, length of ideal sex session, creating connection on a date, top 2 languages of love, discussing fantasies that aren’t mainstream

March 14, 2019

R (36), S (27), and G (26) answer your questions about dating and sex.

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This episode covers:

- What's a good first date activity? What's one that is boring or overdone?

- What's the best way to get consent? Explicit and direct, or a bit more nuanced? Tell us how you tell us yes.

- What’s a way you like for a man to create connection on a date?

- What are your top 2 languages of love?

- After we match, if you don't respond the first time I send a message, should I send another?

- What kind of aggressiveness do you like in a man, and what kind is scary?

- Rate your sex drive compared to the average woman’s

- How do you like to discuss fantasies that aren't mainstream, or might have sensitivities attached to them?

- How long is your ideal sex session (the in and out portion, not the foreplay)? What is the minimum amount of time that is satisfactory? conversely, how much time before it’s too long?

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