What She’s Thinking: men’s dating & sex questions answered by women

9: First dates, languages of love, creating connection, how to see if she’s not into you

December 20, 2018

J and Dr. Lanae St. John [ themamasutra.net/biography ] answer your questions about dating and sex. 

Send in your questions: makeonlinedatingfun.com/questions

This episode covers:

- What's a good first date activity? What's one that is boring or overdone?

- What are your top 2 languages of love?

- What’s a way you like for a man to create connection on a date?

- What are the first date topics that meaningful and enjoyable for you to talk about?

- Does your career/work affect your dating life?

- How can you tell if she’s not interested in you?

- Please rate your sex drive compared to the average woman’s.

- Does your career/work affect your libido / sex life?

- Outside of online dating, what are the best venues to meet potential partners?

- What behaviors in your partner help you be open and clear with your sexual requests?

- What are the best conditions for you in wanting sex?

- Can you have sex if you are upset about something with your partner?

- Any last things you want to tell the guys listening?


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