What She’s Thinking: men’s dating & sex questions answered by women

5: turn-offs, discussing fantasies with a guy, her sex drive compared to avg woman, how to ask what she likes, kegels

December 3, 2018

Women answer your questions about sex! Part 2 of 2.

Send in your questions: makeonlinedatingfun.com/questions

This episode covers these questions:

- I love it when my partner squeezes her kegels while we're having sex. Is that something you can do? Do you enjoy it?

- What are your biggest turn-offs during sex?

- How do you like to discuss fantasies that aren't mainstream, or might have sensitivities attached to them?

- How do you like to be asked during sex what you like and want (direct, not asking at all and intuitively feeling it out, etc...)

- Any strong thoughts/feelings about "how to proceed when an established partner is not really into it at the moment but realizes these things go both ways." For example, is "be a good sport" a worthy rule of thumb? If not, what is the preferred rule of thumb?

- Please rate your sex drive compared to the average woman’s.

- Any last things you want to tell the guys listening?


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