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20: who pays on 1st date, do you care how much a guy makes, what can he do to help her make clear sexual requests, how does work stress affect dating and sex, optimal sex session length

February 25, 2019

Note: this episode got messed up on my podcast host, with 2 minutes of silence and a weird speed adjustment (no, I wasn't on helium!) so I've re-uploaded it. Sorry about that -- give it another listen!

Z, Janey, and Chloe answer your questions!

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This episode covers:

- If a guy isn’t interested in you, how would you like him to tell you that?

- How can you tell if she’s not interested in you?

- Do you care how much the guy makes? What if he makes less than you, does that make him less attractive?

- Who pays on the first date, what do you prefer?

- What behaviors in your partner help you be open and clear with your sexual requests?

- How does your career/work affect your dating life?

- What do you think is the solution to your work stress affecting your dating and libido? What can men do to help you with that?

- Please rate your sex drive compared to the average woman’s

- How can a man tell if a woman has a high or low sex drive?

- Beyond the first time you have sex, how do you like your boyfriend to tell you he wants to, and is excited to, have sex with you that night?

- How long is your ideal sex session (not including foreplay)? What is the minimum amount of time that is satisfactory? Conversely, how much time before it’s too long?


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