What She’s Thinking: men’s dating & sex questions answered by women

17: Non-American perspective: wanting sex more than he does, favorite foreplay spots, favorite parts of men’s bodies, breast touching, favorite ways for man to tell you he’s excited for sex

February 6, 2019

Ms J, BL, and LLJT answer your questions!

SF: find a date for Valentine's Day
LA: Get the first dates you want! 

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This episode covers:

- What do you find attractive about men’s bodies?

- Where is your favorite place to be touched for foreplay? How do you like to be touched there?

- What's your favorite way to have your breasts touched? What about your nipples?

- Beyond the first time you have sex, how do you like your boyfriend to tell you he wants to, and is excited to, have sex with you that night?

- How does it feel as a woman when you want sex more than your partner does?

- When you want to have sex more than your partner does, or your partner wants to have sex more than you do, what do you feel like is the best way to work through that, to talk through that, to deal with it? 


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